Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Card Value

1. Visit

Make sure your set the search to All or Pokémon in the drop down beside the search bar.

2. Use the collector number of the card when you search.

Your search result will come up with many different prints or even types of the same card if you search by name.

Finding the collector number

A wide variety of art and collectibles have a collector number.
These have many different formats.
For Pokémon it is in the form of a numerator/denominator.

The numerator signifying the card name in the set
The denominator signifying the number of card names in the set.

In Pokémon the collector number is located at the bottom of the card.
For cards older than the Sun and moon sets look at the bottom right.
For cards newer than sun and moon look at the bottom left of the card.
It is also usually accompanied with the rarity (star, diamond, circle).

3. Card Condition

(More details to come in a future post.)

Lastly don't forget to compare your cards condition to the description on the store listing.

You can click view more to see different sellers and conditions and their respective prices.

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