Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Professor Cedar's Personal Card Collection

Hello, ✌

💻Welcome to Professor Cedar's PC.💻

I am an official Pokemon Professor: Rank 1 💂 This means when there is no Covid going on, I organize leagues and tournaments throughout the city.

Initially I posted these cards so I could share some of the treasures I have had kept away in a dark lonely safe. I know I could put the money to good use including 10% portions of proceeds will go to the Canadian Cancer Society through the Cancer Fighter Program..

I was not expecting the reaction I have been getting from this post and am overwhelmed with cards to price and comfort from the warm embrace of the Pokemon community!

Each card is going through a condition and market appraisal prior to sale. (Done live on twitch.)

📜Note: I am still a collector myself and a HUGE fan! (I've had some of these since I was 5; I’m now 30)

📜📜EXTRA Note: This is real life and I am a believer of capitalism! Everything is negotiable. Feel free to ask! However UNLESS I see both parties happy with a fair deal it's a no go. Buyers remorse sucks, and so does seller's remorse. Show me respect and decent conversation and you might find you end up with more than you bargained for!

📜📜📜EXTRA EXTRA NOTE: Ragers, Trolls, Political, Aggression will not be tolerated… Insta block.👹👺💩

✅I have two prices listed:
🅰What I think is a fair market appraisal based on condition and online market research.
🅱Price based on a mix of the estimate and my personal sentimental value of the card itself.
✅P and Italic = Pending
✅S and Strike through = Sold
✅Q and blue = Queue to be appraised
✅To add cards to the price queue please suggest here.

See Doc. Here.

Watch me appraise live:

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