Distinguish your brand

What is it that separates you from all your competition?

In today's market no matter what your product or service and demographic is, you have competitors all around. The best weapon you have in the battle for clients is in one simple word; representation. When a person wants to buy something they will shop around once. and take into consideration a few simple details. Usually in this order. Do you have what I need, and is it the quality acceptable? At a glance, your logo can let people know that you are the full package. A trustworthy brand that cares about even the most basic detail; appearances.

What is a brand?

Building trust at a glance is what will get your customer through the door, but the battle does not end there. If you do not fulfill their expectations through the entire experience they may walk out the door with empty hands. A complete brand can help you develop a compelling experience that leads your customer through an adventure of vibrant colors, a uniform theme throughout marketing materials, bright well lit comfortable shopping space, and am always happy smiling face with above and beyond customer-friendly service! Yes, branding even includes staff behavior and cleanliness of the environment.

Is branding different from marketing? Yes, both are different and necessary.

Branding - is the overall experience that the customer comes to expect and remember. This will lead to a desire to return and endorse your business further. This includes Logo, Color Selection, Menu/Product Catalogue, Atmosphere, and Customer Service, and the standard you give your product or service(hint: requires consistency).
Marketing - simply put, this is how you let the public know you exist. Using the brand generate materials that you can distribute to spread the word about your business. Some examples of marketing materials are: To Go Menu, Pen, Water bottle, Posters, Digital Graphics, etc. now using the materials is what completes the marketing. Outlets to spread the word are: News, Mail, Search Engines, and Social Media(Facebook, Twitter)

How can Joe King Media help my business develop its brand?

As a person with extensive education and experience in the graphic design industry, I can help you streamline your brand and develop your marketing strategy. We first take a look at the existing state of your brand's appearance and customer expectations and work through each detail to strengthen your brand's consistency across the board. Once your brand has a developed Identity we will develop a strategy to spread the word about your business across the internet and other media outlets.

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