Sunday, January 3, 2021

Fundraising Success in 2020!

Happy New years everyone!

I am happy we made it through the year and I want to continue to encourage everyone to stay safe and healthy as we aim to reach a resolution to the C-19 Pandemic.

With great joy I am happy to announce that as a community we reached our fundraising goals for the Canadian Cancer Society!

Our target for the year was $100.00 and we surpassed that and raised a WHOPPING $416.00. Our fundraising page is still open and updated with a new target for the year 2021.
As voted during the live-stream, and in front of a small socially distanced group at the market, our goal is to add $800 through 10% of proceeds and donations throughout 2021. If we reach our goal putting our total raised to $1200.00 I (Joe) will be taking the 1 chip challenge. *quivers nervously*

To see our progress and contribute to help raise funds for CNS & Brain Cancer Research, please visit: This Link, or click the cancer fighter badge in the previous post.

We had our closing ceremony and Joe (a.k.a. Professor Cedar) as promised for reaching our fundraising goal, challenged THE CAROLINA REAPER PEPPER SAUCE from Jamaican Chefmon

enjoy the highlight from the twitch stream!

May your new year be filled with good fortune, health, and safety.


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