Sunday, October 4, 2020

Bountiful Markets, Canadian Cancer Society, And Joe King Media Bring you Edmonton's Pokémon Expert!

COVID-19 cancels Pokémon for the time being? So disappointing. :.(

Breaking News From The Pokémon Company.

As everyone knows this year has been a challenge to many with: pandemic, political, and natural crisis happening all at once.
Adding to the mix of disappointment The Pokémon Company has slapped us with this notice which states until further notice all Pokémon trading card game events including: League, Tournaments, Premier Cups, and Championships are cancelled.

Alberta Bountiful Markets to the rescue!

I'm happy to announce "with a *HUGE* thanks! to the Alberta Bountiful Markets" I (prof. Cedar) will be posted up at the Market every Sunday during hours of operation!

The Cancer Fighting Continues!

As usual, Professor Cedar's main objective is to spread awareness and encourage charity towards those in need! The charity of choice for this Poke Stand is the Canadian Cancer Society. Joe King Media's Professor Cedar has been a registered for the Cancer Fighter program since November 2019.

Donation box available and portions of proceeds go to Canadian Cancer Society!

We can not wait to share the incredible Fundraising progress we have made in this one year duration, Stay tuned!

The plan is to:

-Answer questions about Pokémon TCG(Trading Card Game).

-Do demonstrations on:

How to play the game ($10 per demo/aprox. 15 mins)
How to appraise a card (Online Market Value +/- Card Condition)($5 per demo/aprox. 5 mins)

-Provide Reasonable Prices on:

Rev-Holo Common/Uncommon cards, and non-holo Rare cards (50¢each or 12 cards for $5)
Holo/ Rev-Holo Rare cards (1$ each or 7 for $5)
Ultra rares and Vintage cards individually priced using appraisal methods taught at stand.
Themed Toys, Keychains, Apparel, Supplies, and more...

"Portions of proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society"

Thank you again for your continued support!
Stay safe and I will catch you Sundays!

Prof. Cedar

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