Friday, February 14, 2020

Jamie & Harrison

To the happy couple!

I'm proud to present a full brand development for an up and coming blog sensation out of Edmonton, AB. The blog is published about a gay couple living life as modern adults powering through the day to day hustle. The whole idea was brought to me when the couple approached me to develop an RSVP website for their wedding, I then pitched to them the idea of keeping a blog so after the initial function of an RSVP form and a limited-time gallery. They could have this blog as a keepsake for as long as they like. The Blog will be available for public viewing following the wedding. In the meantime please enjoy the above logo and the timelapse sketch below.

Starting With The Logo, I initially met with the couple and I could clearly distinguish their individual characteristics. On one hand, I could see Jamie as a Guyish Guy, techy and mechy kind of guy; Cars especially. On the other hand, Harrison; (with as little offense as possible) a nerd. This guy is into pop culture, Trading Card Games (pokemon), World of Warcraft and more. With both individuals in mind, I began with a good old pencil and paper.